The Great Sage of the Other World


Hearing Kate's request, almost everyone cast their eyes on Lin Sang, after all, most of them have no friendship with Kate, mostly for the sake of Lin Sang's face. To tell the truth, people have been saved, risks have been taken, even the gods and beasts have been beaten, to this point, even if everyone chooses to leave, Kate has absolutely nothing to say. Lin Sang looked at the eyes of the crowd, of course, understand what everyone means, but Lin Sang now has a plan in mind, "if you do not object, then continue!" Chapter 337 siege. "Shit!"! This gang of Warcraft will not be taking the wrong medicine?! Root was rather discomfited to be replaced by the silver horn, and he could not help complaining as he poured into his mouth the potion specially made by Lin Sang to restore his physical strength. Kate, who was also exhausted and wounded in many places, looked at Root apologetically, opened her mouth and said nothing. In fact, at this point, Kate really has nothing to say. Never thought that the defeated ten-order mythical beast would come back so quickly! They are now completely trapped in the lair that originally belonged to the tenth-order mythical beast, not to mention breaking through, to be able to persist for two days and two nights under the crazy attacks of countless Warcraft without a moment of interruption,Precision Welded pipes, which in itself is already a great miracle! But even so, now many people have almost no hope, Warcraft is too much, at a glance, simply can not see the end! These two days alone fell in front of the temporary defense line, which is now dilapidated, is already innumerable! This is thanks to Lin Sang's hands and some of the stock of the puppet, otherwise,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, it is impossible to persist until now, but even if the defense is strong enough to pervert the Iron Man puppet, also can not carry such a high-intensity blow, in the absence of timely and effective maintenance, there have been many of the puppet completely scrapped, that is, the rest of those are all scarred. It could be paralyzed at any time. Lin Sang, we have to think of a way as soon as possible! It's impossible for us to hold on like this for long! Alfred looked at Lin Sang, who had been meditating, and said with a solemn face. Alfred was summoned by Lin Sang last night, the last time the sage capital parted, he had sent Lin Sang a piece of contact he personally made, although only a one-time, but the greatest advantage is that no matter in any case, Alfred can get the news in time! This point Lin Sang's magic guide intercom is somewhat inadequate, once encountered in a special environment, it is often difficult to ensure smooth communication, side impact door beams ,stainless steel 304 pipes, just like where they are now, the deepest part of the Valen Mountains, there is no signal at all! Lin Sang's magic puppet actually lasted only a day or so, and it was already worn down to the point where it was not enough to maintain the entire defense line. Even if Kate and the other warriors went up in time, without the reinforcements of the Hades, Lin Sang would never have been able to hold on until now! "Yes, the number of Warcraft is too much, I am afraid that at least half of the Warcraft in the entire Valen Mountains are here, right?" Lin Sang looked at the periphery of the defense line composed of magic puppets and undead, and shook his head with a wry smile at the corpses of Warcraft on the ground. If in normal times, so many Warcraft corpses were placed in front of him, and there were many seven-order or even eight-order Warcraft corpses, alchemists such as Lin Sang and Alfred would have been very happy. But now, once this shaky defense line collapses completely, their fate may be worse than the corpse of Warcraft on the ground-not to mention the corpse, when the time comes, I'm afraid there won't even be a piece of slag left! "Alas, it's a pity that we can't come up with enough strength in the underworld now, otherwise, how can it be the turn of these Warcraft to be so arrogant!" Alfred shook his head and sighed, in the war with the Protoss, although the underworld did take advantage of a lot, but the loss is also quite alarming! Until the negotiations on the Plains of the Wind had reached a complete agreement, the remaining forces in the underworld could not be used too much, and Alfred had no way to deal with it. But even with the support of Alfred and the Hades, Lin Sang is still in a very tense situation! Although the altar of the underworld can still be used normally here-the space transport array can not, but this altar can only summon the undead, not the underworld, so Alfred can only summon some powerful undead liches. It is with these liches that Lin Sang has been able to hold on until now. Fortunately, there are corpses of Warcraft everywhere, so there is no need to worry about the lack of materials, but the depressing thing is that the "magic source" potion, which can restore magic, has no effect on undead creatures.. Now there are several liches completely exhausted the magic, the remaining few I am afraid have almost reached the limit, I am afraid it will not be long before the undead to maintain the defense line will not be replenished! Andel's body has long been without a trace of magic, "the source of magic" has been drunk to completely ineffective, even now even the speed of meditation to restore magic has been greatly affected, and the most important thing is that continuous high-intensity casting, Andel's mental strength has long been exhausted, and now it is not easy to keep awake! But Andel's harvest is also huge, he has already reached the peak of the eighth order of the Great Magic Teacher, after this time, but also touched the threshold of the ninth order, Andel even has confidence, if this time can be lucky to get out of the disaster, given time to advance the Holy Magic Teacher is only a matter of time! Other people's situation is basically not much better, it is impossible to maintain the line of defense by magic puppets and undead alone, Kate and other warrior professions must take turns to fill the weak link of the line of defense, even if there is Lin Sang's recovery potion to support, but can hold until when, they really have no bottom in their hearts,aluminium coated tubes, after all, any potion will certainly produce drug resistance if used continuously. Even if Lin Sang has enough potions in his hands, it is impossible to beat back more than half of the Warcraft attacks in the Valen Mountains.

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